Início >> Exciting history of as to be approved in the public competition for sergeant of the aeronautics

Exciting history of as to be approved in the public competition for sergeant of the aeronautics

To pass in public competitions is project and dream of thousand Brazilians. E to accomplish this conquest, is essential to have motivation. A motivated person is happyer and productive, what she leads to the disposal to act and to be successful. This is the profile of Carine Pennaforte, of 23 years, approved in the competition military sergeant of the Brazilian Air Force (BAF), in 2011. It is an example of that I focus and determination is the keys for the success. Carine counts that dedication and claw had marked its history and that, although many obstacles in the way, the will to win and to enter it military career era much more that an aim – a to be accomplished dream.

Coming of humble family, stimulated for the parents since the beginning, it always had the certainty of that the study it is the better option, and this made with that it remained in all its decisions firm and strong. “I come of a family with few financial resources. My father is driver of bus and my mother, house owner. I always studied in public school, but always I had a direction of that the study it was the better option. I and my sister. My parents always in had stimulated them to this, so that in the future, we let us can give to our children a life better that they had been able to give for we, with more benefits.”

With this vision, it passed to a federal college in average education, where it made the course technician of Administration, who allowed it to enter in the Brazilian Air Force. Later, it gave the Enem and it obtained stock market of 100% in a particular college, where it attended a course Journalism. “I passed for many difficulties, but the main part always was this: to study to have a future better.”

Carine says that the choice of its profession did not have relation with the aim to enter it military career. “I attended a course Journalism because it also liked, but to enter it military career was a dream since small. Today I am expert sergeant in Administration, nothing to see with the area of the Journalism. I passed in front of a Vila Militar and I spoke that one day I went to be part of aquilo. It always saw the uniform women and the my dream also was to be dressed of that skill, found pretty excessively. I ran behind and thanks to God I am here today”, it counts, moved.

The young stayed knowing of the competition through a friend, who stimulated it to participate and to run behind this its dream. “I always spoke for my friends who wanted to be to militate. One day, one of them bound speaking to me of the competition and that I gave to concur, therefore I had the level technician. From this connection, I started to search, to look to proclamations and knowledge if I was in the age group to be able to participate. When vi that it had all the requirements, I started the my trajectory.”

By means of the decision, it counts that the planning of studies and the process of adaptation was not easy. “In the start it was very difficult. I made college, I worked as journalist in a private company e, at the same time, made a course preparatory. He almost did not have time to study during the week, then he took advantage of Saturdays and Sundays, but it was total running. I exactly counted on the aid of this friend whom he informed to me of the competition and we start to study, therefore it also wanted to participate. In the end of the accounts, after days and long afternoons of very study, we obtain to pass. She was very good in such a way for me how much for, therefore when one discouraged, the other gave force and people followed firm”, she remembers.

But the victory did not come so fast. Before being approved, Carine gave to five times the competition for the BAF, the same position, and it did not obtain to pass. “I never gave competitions for other agencies, only for the Brazilian Air Force. Before obtaining the approval, in 2011, I already had made five times the same test, and nothing. My relatives said I to give up, that I would be the impossible and that God did not want this for me. But it was my dream and it did not exist nobody in the world that made me to rethink. I fought, studied e, after five attempts, I I passed.”

Since the approval, the life of Carine gave a return of 180 degrees. “My life moved completely. It military career has this possibility to serve in any place of the country. I am Carioca and I always lived in Rio de Janeiro, but I had that to change me for Brasilia, therefore I serve in a unit of there. Then, the my life today is another one. I left the house of the my parents, live alone, I have all an independence, a money that is alone mine”, it explains.

For it, not only it military career but as in all public competition, what more it attracts is the guarantee of the stability and the wage. “To have a comfort in respect to the stability it is another thing, right? It are the wage, that is optimum. But, in mine in case that, what more it attracts me it military service is the vocation. As he said, I was born for this, phallus since small that this era the my dream. He has that to like and to vibrate, and I am thus.”

The sergeant leaves as example the importance of the self-confidence and not to have sliding fear behind the personal desire. “The main one is to have focuses. The people said I to study for other competitions, but I was focused to be sergeant of the Aeronautics and I studied for this.” E it advises: “they do not give up its dreams. When I did not pass, all I said to leave of side and today I am here, of uniform. I dreamed and fought this to happen. It is clearly that it is necessary to open hand of the hours of leisure and moments with the family, but later comes the reward. They do not have fear, they trust and they go behind its aims.”